In Illinois, when one has their drivers license revoked or suspended, a Formal or Informal hearing is is usually required by the Secretary of State in order to obtain driving relief. I work with my clients throughout this complicated process: assisting them in gathering all necessary paperwork, insuring all treatment is completed and verified, preparing client testimony through carefully tailored study materials, and attending the Hearing with them as their experienced advocate.


I served as a Contractual Hearing officer for 7 years and have represented Petitioners seeking driving relief for the last 18 years. During this time I have accumulated a tremendous record of success in getting my clients not only "back on the road" - but also helping them achieve a higher standard of living in the process. This is my area of expertise and I receive referrals from attorneys throughout Illinois and the Mid-west. It gives me great pleasure to assist clients in this difficult journey to restore an important element of their livelihood.