Defending the interests of people charged with felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses and major traffic offenses such as D.U.I. and Driving While Suspended/Revoked. 


In addition, the Geocaris Law Firm has years of experience in helping offenders in Juvenile Court. In all criminal/traffic cases, we work hard to protect the Defendant’s record, get cases dismissed or amended to lesser charges, and go to trial on those cases that cannot be resolved.


The firm represents working immigrants who may be in unlawful status by reviewing the law and attempting to find the appropriate way for them to stay in this country legally or adjust to legal status. The firm represents people in removal/deportation cases.


Filing required papers and requesting hearings in order to remove judgments which may be on a client’s criminal record.  These records may lead to immigration problems and difficulty in obtaining employment.  The firm represents the client at the hearing.


The rights of those involved in vehicular accidents, hurt on the job, or victims of medical malpractice.  The firm will thoroughly evaluate each plaintiff’s claim giving them a step-by-step analysis of their cause of action.  We represent the plaintiff in order to recover damages for the negligence of another party and are involved in negotiating with insurance personnel, taking depositions, appearing in court in the effort to settle these cases and performing bench or jury trials.


Helping men and women, whether married, single or widowed to draft an estate plan that carries out their wishes in a cost-effective and tax saving manner. 



The Geocaris Law Firm will assist you with incorporating your business, drafting partnership and dissolution agreements, contracts and covenants not to compete.